keith & meI Remember once, my friend told me, “when you’re working in a bookstore, you’ll never know, who will pop into your store, and that is the excitement of it!” . Well, today, when i was just getting out of my small office, on my way to grab a cup of my morning coffee, in the corner of my eye i caught someone very familiar, mostly by his voice though…

I’ve seen a lot of famous people, artist, talents, and not one of them interest me, even the one and only D.S (you know who she is)! Until there he is, just pop into my store, one that often touch my soul with his soulful songs, the very own Keith Martin. Turns out that he’s going to have a showcase at Barbados kemang (tonight i think…) and he’s staying at Hotel Kemang which is only a step away from the store. End of story, i asked him if i may take his picture, and turns out, he is a very friendly person.

Thanx Keith! 🙂


2 Komentar

  1. pdhl udh ngisi ni comment, tp kok gak masuk ya? k diulang lagi, gak fresh lagi rasanya.


    kemaren, g online. dan g ngeliat status YM nya si mas sarwo ini. bhubung fotonya kecil2, g gak liat tu fotonya ajie di contact list YM g. tp statusnya nunjukin address yg bikin g pnasaran. keluarlah halaman blog ini dgn fotonya ajie gede bgt sm abang2 negro.

    hwwaaaaaaaahhh… dijadiin ajang pamer sm dia!

    untung dia gak bgitu cakep, heheeee… maksutnya bukan tipe negro yang g pengenin, gitu loh jieeee…

    btw, dia wangi gak? hwaaahaaaa…haaaa…haaaa…

  2. Bukan pamer, cuma mau kasi liat aja, kalo ternyata Keith Martin tuh nggak tinggi… :9

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